Wooden or composite structures that pressure washing can clean and restore their original appearance.

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Decks, Pressure Washing & Power Washing

Decks are outdoor platforms, typically constructed from wood or composite materials, that extend from a building and provide a space for relaxation, dining, and entertaining. Over time, decks can become weathered and discolored due to exposure to sun, rain, wind, and other environmental elements. This can lead to the buildup of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae, which can detract from the deck’s aesthetic appeal and potentially compromise its structural integrity.

Pressure washing and power washing offer effective and efficient solutions for cleaning and restoring decks to their original beauty. Here’s a closer look at the relationship between decks and pressure washing:

Materials and Cleaning Methods:

  • Wood decks: Traditional wood decks require special attention during pressure washing, as high PSI can damage the wood fibers. Using a pressure washer with adjustable pressure and a wide fan tip nozzle, along with biodegradable cleaning solutions, is crucial to achieving optimal results without harming the wood.
  • Composite decks: Composite decks are more resistant to damage from pressure washing, allowing for a higher PSI setting and a wider range of nozzle options. However, it’s still important to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid unintentional damage.

Pressure Washing Techniques for Decks:

  • Pre-cleaning: Before applying pressure washing, it’s essential to remove any loose debris and furniture from the deck surface. Pre-wetting the deck helps loosen dirt and grime, enhancing the cleaning effectiveness of the pressure washer.
  • Pressure setting: Start with the lowest pressure setting and gradually increase it as needed. A range of 1,500 PSI to 2,000 PSI is typically recommended for most decks, with lower settings for older or more delicate wood.
  • Nozzle selection: A wide fan tip nozzle is ideal for cleaning large deck areas, while a turbo nozzle can be used for targeting specific stains or reaching into crevices.
  • Cleaning solutions: Biodegradable cleaning solutions formulated for wood or composite decks are recommended to avoid damaging the surface or harming the environment.
  • Cleaning direction: Always clean the deck in the direction of the wood grain to avoid splintering.
  • Post-cleaning rinsing: Thoroughly rinsing the deck after cleaning removes any residual cleaning solution and prevents streaking.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Decks:

  • Restores appearance: Pressure washing removes dirt, grime, stains, and discoloration, returning the deck to its original color and beauty.
  • Extends lifespan: Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of harmful elements that can damage the wood and weaken its structural integrity.
  • Improves safety: Eliminating slippery surfaces caused by moss and algae can prevent accidents and falls.
  • Prepares for staining: Pressure washing removes dirt and grime, creating a clean and receptive surface for applying fresh stain or sealant.
  • Enhances property value: A clean and well-maintained deck can add significant value to your property.

Safety Precautions:

  • Wear appropriate clothing and protective gear: Always wear gloves, safety goggles, and sturdy shoes when using a pressure washer.
  • Keep the spray wand pointed away from people and pets: The high-pressure water can cause serious injury.
  • Be mindful of electrical hazards: Avoid spraying electrical outlets or equipment with the pressure washer.
  • Read and follow all safety instructions: Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific pressure washer model before operating it.

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Decks are valuable outdoor living spaces that require proper maintenance to ensure their longevity and aesthetic appeal. Pressure washing offers an effective and efficient way to clean and restore decks, removing dirt, grime, and stains. However, it’s crucial to use the correct techniques, equipment, and cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the deck surface. By following these guidelines and safety precautions, you can safely and effectively pressure wash your deck and enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor space.