Axial Cam Pumps

A common pump type with a rotating cam that pushes plungers for high pressure.

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Axial Cam Pump, Pressure Washing & Power Washing

Unlike other pump types, the Axial Cam Pump harnesses a unique rotating cam and piston design to generate the muscle needed for tackling tough cleaning tasks.

The Anatomy of an Axial Cam Pump

While internal components may vary between models, a typical axial cam pump features these key elements:

  • Cam: This heart-shaped disc rotates around a central shaft, driving the cleaning power.
  • Plungers: These cylindrical pistons are positioned radially around the cam and reciprocate within cylinders as the cam rotates.
  • Valves: These control the flow of water into and out of the pump chambers.
  • Crankshaft: This shaft connects to the engine or motor and drives the rotation of the cam.

How Axial Cam Pumps Generate Power

Imagine the cam as a merry-go-round for pistons. As the cam rotates, its raised lobes push the plungers inward, compressing the water within the cylinders. This compression creates high pressure, which is then channeled through the valves and out to the spray nozzle as a powerful cleaning jet.

Here’s a breakdown of the power cycle:

  1. Intake stroke: The cam lobe retracts, creating a vacuum that draws water into the cylinder.
  2. Compression stroke: The cam lobe pushes the plunger inward, compressing the water within the cylinder.
  3. Discharge stroke: The compressed water is forced out of the cylinder through the outlet valve.
  4. Exhaust stroke: The cam lobe moves to its original position, creating space for the next intake stroke.

This continuous cycle of intake, compression, discharge, and exhaust generates the powerful water pressure that makes axial cam pumps ideal for pressure washing applications.

Advantages of Axial Cam Pumps

Compared to other pump types, axial cam pumps offer several advantages:

  • High pressure: They can generate significantly higher pressure than other pump types, making them ideal for tackling tough cleaning jobs.
  • Durability: With their simple and robust design, axial cam pumps are known for their reliability and long lifespan.
  • Easy maintenance: They require minimal maintenance compared to other pumps, making them a cost-effective choice.
  • Compact size: Their compact design makes them suitable for use in various pressure washer models.

Choosing the Right Axial Cam Pump

With a wide range of models available, finding the right axial cam pump for your pressure washer depends on several factors:

  • Pressure requirements: Choose a pump with a pressure rating that matches your cleaning needs.
  • Flow rate: Select a pump with an adequate flow rate to ensure sufficient water volume for effective cleaning.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the pump is compatible with your pressure washer’s engine or motor and connection points.
  • Brand and warranty: Consider reputable brands and warranty options for added peace of mind.

More Than Pressure Washing: Applications of Axial Cam Pumps

While widely used in pressure washing, axial cam pumps find applications in other industries and equipment, such as:

  • Car washes: Delivering high-pressure water for efficient car cleaning.
  • Industrial cleaning: Providing powerful cleaning power for industrial equipment and facilities.
  • Agricultural equipment: Supplying high-pressure spray for crop spraying and other agricultural applications.

By understanding the power and versatility of axial cam pumps, you can harness their cleaning prowess for a wide range of tasks. Remember, they are the dependable champions of pressure washing, delivering the muscle needed to vanquish dirt and grime, leaving behind sparkling surfaces in their wake.